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Ariana here.

My Services:


Qualified Osteopathic Masseuse

Therapeutic Treatments

Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction

Performance Masterclass


What does a person say, in a few short lines?

Only what is relevant:


My fascination with male sexual response started 17 years ago when I delved into BDSM.

Canning, whipping and particularly the endless scolding eventually gets mentally taxing; so, after 2 years I decided to change direction and took an Osteopathic Massage course.

Although, I'm intensely private, my hardcore sense of curiosity causes a great deal of trouble as I simply cannot just assume something to be true - No - I have to FIND OUT EVERY, SINGLE THING, DOWN TO THE TINIEST DETAIL.

It started with curiosity about Male Multiple Orgasm and throughout the past 15 years I've spent most of my time learning what makes men tick and what is best way to for them to perform at 120%.

Luckily, I've been able to test my theories on real people to pinpoint what works, what does not and what the REAL issues are.

It does not seem reasonable to solve performance issues with chit chat, pills or creams.


My Mission

Great Sexual performance takes EFFORT and WORK!

I explain how to to get the most out of yourself - by using the tools you already - NATURALLY - have.


"The Only Source Of Knowledge -

        Is Experience."

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