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The Ultimate Guide To

Male Multiple Orgasm

Gender Fluid Exercise. 

Men seem to be under the impression that toning pelvic floor muscles is only for women. The truth is doing Kegel exercise is a truly gender fluid activity as it is ESSENTIAL for MEN and WOMEN in order to keep their sex organs in fabulous working order. 


Imagine your penis is an appendage like your hand:

Would you expect your hand to work properly if you never used or toned your arm muscles?

No - your hand would flop about and your fingers would droop! 

The exact same principle applies to sex organs.


Throughout her life time a woman's vagina goes through wear and tear with tampon use, sex and child birth. Take teeth, for example, without oral hygiene you would be wearing dentures by age 40.

Women can experience an orgasm by merely clenching up her pelvic floor muscles.

Imagine how incredible the actual sex will be when your pelvic floor muscles are toned.

Gender Fluid Exercise For Men And Women

Here I use the word FLUID in its literal sense:

Men and woman can END INCONTINENCE FOR GOOD by simply toning up pelvic floor muscles or Kegel exercise the sooner you start doing exercise and training -

Does it not make sense that the sooner you start paying attention to your pelvic floor muscles the sooner you can reap the rewards?

High Performance

Exercise  Manual

Gender Fluid

The most effective way for men and women to boost sexual performance is simple exercise to tone pelvic floor muscles:

This manual explains exactly how...


Training Manual

For Men

Detailed guide to using Edging for training for:

Ejaculation control

Improve erection 

Male Multiple Orgasm



Kindly Email me if you would like but a manual.

I deduct the amount of manuals purchased from appointment fee:

ZAR150 per manual deducted off appointments made within 30 days of purchasing a manual.

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