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10 Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting


What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting has become a huge "thing" -

The easiest way to understand it is to rather think of it as "Restricted Time Feeding".

So in a 24 hour day you decide to only eat for a certain amount of hours for example:

16/8 Means eating for only 8 hours and fasting for 16.

20/4 Is eating for only 4 hours and fasting for 20.

Why Should You Consider Intermittent Fasting?

Cast your mind back to our ancestors; do you imagine they sat down to eat 3 times a day and pack a bunch of food in boxes when they when they went out hunting?

No they did not. They were lean hunting creatures. They might not have had years of longevity - but not death by obesity.

The norm these days veers to more to plump, fat and obese with all the problems that come with over eating.

Not only how much we eat but also how constantly we eat.

I wonder how much better off we would be if we simply had to walk to the supermarket, let alone chase our or even go pick our food.

When you take these things into account would you not agree that we overeat - constantly?

A perfectly in shape figure
Imagine the benefits of intermittent fasting...

10 Best Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Easiest diet to follow.

Quickest weight loss.

Even the most stubborn belly vanishes.

Sharper mental responses.

Instant, even daily energy.

Free growth hormone.

Repair, recover and rebuilding of cells.

Free Collagen.

Great sexual performance.

Very inexpensive!

Why Intermittent Fasting Is Important And

How To How To Go About It.

Over the next few weeks I will drill down into this subject as I've seen and experienced exactly how awesome the results of intermittent fasting is...

Image: Claudio Scott Pixabay

© Ariana Robson

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