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The Secret of 100% Male Sexual Performance Excellence

Updated: May 30, 2021

Training for outstanding sexual performnce
Ready. Steady. Go! Training for Outstanding Sexual Performance

How Can You Attain Sexual Performance Excellence

The concept of training for sexual performance excellence is not common.

It seems to me people imagine they are born with a natural talent to perform like porn stars.

Speaking from personal experience and working with men who train and men who do not train, rest assured; the people who train are better at sex than people who do not train.

I usually address men only but men and women can benefit from training. I can never stress this enough: Training for sexual excellence applies equally to men and women - I know; it worked for me.

Natural Talent & Sexual Prowess

I have never come across a person who has a natural talent for sex.

Why would people think they are good at sex without bothering to train?

Think for a moment about about people who are top of their game, champion sportsmen and women, Olympic athletes, movie, rock and media stars, even the local fly fisherman, surfer or rock climber all have one thing in common: They Train!

No matter what you want to do - if you want to be good at it - you have to train.

The exact same principal applies to sexual performance.

The Sexual Being

The average human being goes through their life and only pay attention to their sex organs when things go wrong.

Men and women are fairly similar when it comes to the amount of time they spend thinking about their sex organs and mostly their sex organs are just there to be used then packed away till the next time.

How do people think they are good at sex and then spend no time whatsoever training the sex organ. Imagine if you put your arm or leg in a plaster cast for ten years.

Do you think your hand or leg would be in wonderful working order upon removal of the plaster?

Yet, people ignore their sex organs for an entire life time and think they are great at sex.

Training for Sexual Performance

man training
Training for Excellent Sexual Performance

The male sex organ unlike any other organ is half inside and half outside the body.

A man can do nothing to improve the performance of his bladder, kidneys or his stomach, but he can do exercise to improve the function of his sex organ.

When a man gets aroused it is blood that enters corpus cavernosum of his penis to make him hard. What is ignored are the pelvic floor muscles upon which the sex organ rests. The muscles which make or break the function of the sex organ as they play an integral part in controlling ejaculation and when they are toned up make a huge difference to erection.

Pelvic Floor Muscles

There are three layers of Pelvic Floor Muscles:

The superficial layer is just under the skin of the perineum.

The muscles of the urogenital diaphragm.

The pelvic diaphragm muscles.

Identifying your pelvic floor muscles

The easiest way find your pelvic floor muscles is to do "The Clench" to stop the flow of urine while urinating.

Try not to use the gluteus maximus and medius muscles - they are the muscles of your bottom's cheeks.

The pelvic floor muscles begin behind the pubic bone, run between the legs, end with and include the sphincter muscle.

About Kegel exercise

The Golden Rule: Thy shall not pee and exercise at the same time. - Ever!

First take an entire day and every time during that 24 hour period when you pee;

start peeing and just as the flow is going strong - clench up the pelvic floor muscles until the flow stops.

Then un-clench and finish the that pee.

By the end of the 24 hour period you will have a pretty good idea of exactly where your pelvic floor muscles are and how it feels to clench them up.

Once you have identified your pelvic floor muscle you are ready to start your training.

Some Fake News

I was fascinated the other day to read an article:

Men and Multiple Orgasms: "The In-depth Guide on Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man"

Joe Duncan in Moments of Passion.

He recons men can achieve multiple orgasm by being able to clench up their pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds.

This is absolutely not true.

Three techniques are required to achieve male multiple orgasm.

Female orgasm
Female Orgasm

Some Great News for The Ladies

Women are able to achieve full body orgasm by clenching up their pelvic floor muscles.

What an incredible side effect: Not only can she have an orgasm but she at the same gets her vagina in mint working condition and prevents future incontinence.

Case Study: Steph

Steph is 72. He is in great physical condition. He trains his sex organ by experimenting with different weights and sizes of cock rings and does Kegel exercise.

He can clench his pelvic floor muscles for four minutes at a time.

Steph can keep himself erect for TWO HOURS AND THIRTY MINUTES and experience FOUR full body orgasms before final orgasm and ejaculation.

Case Study: Ken

I sent a copy of my online help document to ken on the 28 May. he made an appointment with me on 17 May 2020 and said he can already feel the difference training has made to his erection.

Please visit the Fees & Map Page to make an Appointment.

© Ariana Robson 2019

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