Multiple Orgasm During a First Appointment!!

Multiple Orgasm During A Frrst Appointment

Monday was an extraordinary day; I had a client who was rather skeptical about Male Multiple Orgasm, then proceeded to achieve multiple orgasm during his very first appointment!

Case Study

Leon (47) called and inquired if I could assist him as he feels he is not maintaining erection as he used. He usually takes Viagra to get erect and is also quite overweight. I went through the explanations of how the male cycle of arousal works and how to apply the techniques for stamina building, ejaculation control and how to use edging to train for male multiple orgasm. I then started the practical demonstration of how to use the techniques. He became erect while I was doing the circulation massage and stayed erect throughout the 15 minutes it took to for him to achieve one full body orgasm without ejaculating, followed a few minutes later by another orgasm and final ejaculation.

Reaching Male Multiple Orgasm usually takes practice and training -

to get there on first attempt is quite a feat - but doable...

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Image from Christine Aube from Pixabay

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