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The Male P-Spot & Prostate Milking

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

the male p-spot
The Male P-Spot

Today I would like to debunk a few myths about the Male P-Spot and Prostate Milking. This post is in response to a man who told me he had read an article in some men’s magazine saying men should have their prostates milked regularly! I was quite surprised to hear such a thing in this age of enlightenment. Another issue that frequently raises its head concerns men who like prostate stimulation and then ask: “Does that mean I am gay?” For more information about your prostate, please click here.

What is Milking?

Let me explain milking it like this: I would imagine the average man is not likely to visit a BDSM (Bondage, Discipline Sado Masochism) club in say umm – Dusseldorf.

Therefore chances are he has not witnessed the performance of A Mistress milking her slave, let me quickly sketch the senario. The slave, tied to the table, on all fours, will be naked, cuffed and ball gag firmly in place, while the mistress usually ornate and slightly bored uses a toy to stimulate his prostate via his anus.

There will be people loitering about, stopping to look and offer words encouragement to the Mistress, condolences for the slave while slave girls and boys gather around giggling and chatting.

The performance can go on for quite a while – maybe 60 - 75 minutes. Round 15 – 20 minutes after the beginning of stimulation a white fluid starts dripping slowly out of the slave’s penis. With more stimulation (up to another 20 /30 minutes) the liquid turns clear and the dripping continues.

The show would most likely conclude with an ejaculation through penile stimulation – if the slave deserves it, or he may be thoroughly caned and sent back to the dungeon to anticipate his next humiliations.

That is milking. The question is:

Why would any man want to experience that?

Male figure
To Milk or Not To Milk?
To Milk Or Not To Milk?

Many people confuse the term milking with ejaculation, however they are two different things. I sometimes come across men who say they can ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone but I have not seen it nor worked with a man who can ejaculate from only prostate stimulation.

Keep in mind the fact that orgasm and ejaculation are different events. Maybe then one can understand how a man may achieve an orgasm while his prostate is being stimulated and the clear fluid excreted either spurting or dripping is perceived as semen, hence ejaculation?

With anal stimulation, I have often seen ejaculations completely made up of a substance that has the feel and look of pre-cum. Upon speculation I would imagine the clear liquid being discharged during anal stimulation alone might be ejaculate fluid that is free of sperm. I would be most interested to hear any opinions on my speculation.

I digress a bit and relate the following: On Sunday I watched a debate between Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins; Stephen referred to a quote by Ian Foster along the following lines:

Those who are stupid, are certain they are right – The wise; remain forever unsure.

I am choosing this quote as I have searched far and wide to discover the exact reason why the ejaculate fluid from anal stimulation and penile stimulation are different and there are no clear answers. I am by no means 100% sure about my theory of liquid emitted during anal stimulation is sperm free and would welcome any ideas - even better an exact answer....

The concept of Milking to clear the prostate is on the same level as using a leech to drain the blood to cure disease.

concept of prostate milking on the same level as leetching
The concept of Milking The Prostate on the same level as Leetching.

Where in the world would anybody imagine doing something so stupid? Yet before knowledge, experimentation and information evolved to change behavior, leeching blood and draining prostates was the norm.

Consider for a moment you visited a GP and there was a tank full of leeches on the desk. How fast would you run away? Personally speaking, I’d have to pause, vomit and be out of there faster than a butch lesbian flees the nail bar.

In order to keep your prostate working you should be ejaculating a minimum of twice a week, more than twice is better – to keep your stamina up. Simple as that.

Why go and drain / milk your prostate and put yourself through the nightmare of 60 minutes of internal prostate stimulation? Unless; of course you thrive on prostate play in which case go ahead; knock yourself out!

Four Tips For Prostate Play

1. Lube, lube, lube: There are no glands to secrete pre-cum, so be prepared and keep tone of lube close at hand.

2. Slowly, slowly and smoothly does is it best.

3. Please do not insert large objects into your anus as you can do serious damage.

4. A tiny tip to save huge embarrassment: If you have something stuck in your anus – the best first remedy is “Squat & Cough” you may be lucky and the object dislodges. Otherwise brace yourself for the most embarrassing trip of your life: The emergency room at 2am.

The Male P-Spot

Theories about anal sex between men and boys has been assumed as a rather a regular practice, throughout the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. I am unable to say what happened in those times. However, today we understand the prostate is an erogenous zone and whether or the mythology about the Greeks is true or not, the fact remains stimulating the prostate can give a man extreme pleasure.

Does it mean I am gay if i enjoy prostate stimulation?
Does enjoying prostate stimulation - mean I am gay?
So Does That Make Me Gay?

I have heard it so many times: “I am not gay – but like prostate stimulation.”

Yes! Shock and Horror; enjoying prostate stimulation does NOT make you gay. The concept that you must clearly be a screaming queen because you find anal play exciting is born, like most crappy beliefs, in un-enlightenment and sheer ignorance. Imagine if women who enjoyed clitoral orgasms where branded lesbian?

Since clitoral orgasm is the most common route to orgasm for women, surely labeling women as lesbians because they enjoy it is simply ludicrous if not downright lewd.

If you are curious about prostate stimulation please make an appointment.

© Ariana Robson 2017

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