About my services:

My services are holistic, natural and therapeutic. Practical, yet precisely designed to achieve positive results and help you attain your desired long term goals for sexual excellence.


Ariana’s techniques are quite different to the usual treatment one might experience.

She is an exceptionally well trained professional with many years of practical experience.

Review - What they say:


S.M. Jul 2017 I travel 200 00km across the globe every year and I have NEVER come across another person who does what Ariana does. She knows exactly what she is doing and does to perfection.

I have been trying to find out how to have multiple orgasms for years, doing Kegels, using cock rings and edging. Ariana had it worked out and with the breathing technique, I reached the long anticipated multiple orgasm. Thank you.

Why I do - What I do


I do what I do because there is no greater delight than a man discovering what he is actually capable of doing -  IF ONLY HE KNEW HOW. I spend all my mental energy on figuring out how to make the male of the species aware of the incredible performance and stamina is right there at their (I was about to say at the tips of their fingers, wrong appendage).

If I can a make a difference and can assist the men who struggle with premature ejaculation, performance anxiety then my works here is done.

How does it work?


In order to achieve control and sexual excellence, you have to train. Any athlete trains and has a coach - the coach does not play his game, but rather: EXPLAINS TO HIM AND SHOWS HIM HOW TO TRAIN!

That is exactly what I do.

Firstly: We discover what (if any) is the problem or identify your performance goal.

Secondly: Work out your tailor made treatment plan or training programme.

Finally: Take action. I show you what to do and you start your journey to sexual excellence.

My Credentials


Einstein said: "The only source of knowledge - Is Experience." The past 11 years I have been lucky enough to work intimately with 7800 men - Not as a sex therapist; who talks about the problem. Nor a doctor; who prescribes medicine. I work with your sex organ to show you how to get the best PERFORMANCE results, how to maintain erection and ejaculation, how you too can have male multiple orgasms and most important of all: HOW TO TRAIN FOR SEXUAL EXCELLENCE. 


© 2019 Ariana Robson Qualified Masseuse &

Sexual Behavioural Therapist

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