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Therapeutic Appointments

Description Of What To Expect In A

Therapeutic Appointment:


Since every person is different, appointments vary. 

During the first part of your appointment; I go through the male cycle of arousal, what the techniques are, why and how they work.

In the second part of the appointment; I show you how to apply the techniques while you train.

The exact duration of appointments are difficult to predict.


Only ONE Appointment is required to learn the techniques. Thereafter, you will have all the knowledge to continue solo . . .  

Appointments And Fees:

* PE  OR ED Treatments  ZAR800.00 

* Male Multiple Orgasm  ZAR800.00

* Orgasm After Prostatectomy  ZAR800.00

NB: Kindly ejaculate the night BEFORE if you are attending an appointment for the treatment of Premature Ejaculation or Male Multiple Orgasm. 

Appointments are Therapeutic not Sexual.

Kindly Call or What's App me to book: 0764325979

Massage Appointments

Massage Appointments:

Description Of Massage Appointments:

I am a Qualified Osteopathic Masseuse.

Osteo refers to bones.

During your massage I work around your shoulder blades and follow the spine from the coccyx to C1 vertebra directly below the basal scull. I also cover your neck muscles and occipitals.

Your massage ends with a circulation massage and prolonged ejaculation.


60 min ZAR600

30 min ZAR400



A Combination appointment is a Therapeutic Appointment and a Massage Appointment.

90 min ZAR900


Kindly Call or What's App me to make an appointment: 0764325979

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