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What to Expect in a Consultation:

Since every person is different, appointments vary. 

During the first part of your appointment; I go through the Male Cycle of Arousal, what the techniques are, why and how they work.

In the second part of the appointment; I show you how to apply the techniques while you train for control, multiple orgasm, build up your stamina and perfect your sexual performance. The duration of appointments are difficult to predict.

Please note that only ONE Appointment is required to learn the techniques 


* Premature Ejaculation Treatment.           

* Training for Male Multiple Orgasm.

* Orgasm after Prostatectomy.

* Erectile Dysfunction & Stamina

NB: Please ejaculate the night BEFORE if you are attending an appointment for the treatment of Premature Ejaculation or Male Multiple Orgasm.

Consultation Fees & Payment

60 - 75 Min ZAR 1200    

75 - 90 Min ZAR 1500

Payment Methods:

Cash or real time EFT (kindly note the funds must be cleared by my bank before your appointment)

Kindly Call or What's App me to book:



Business Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm  

After Hours, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 

By prior appointment.

Thank you - Ariana


My treatments are therapeutic not sexual, medical or medicinal.


I ask quite a few questions before your appointment and may refer you another service provider if I do not think my expertise will benefit you.


All precautions are taken to ensure your safety and protection of

your identity.  


I post stories on my blog posts but none of your personal details or name will be shared.


Appointments not kept will be charged for.