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December 2021: I received the following email from PTR:

"I had suffered from Erectile dysfunction for about 12 months and was unable to get an erection –

let alone maintain one. My self-esteem was at an all-time low and my anxiety levels were way up which was just compounding the problem.

 Sexual Self-Esteem is how we see and what we feel and believe ourselves to be as sexual beings. My marriage was suffering as a result of the problem because sex creates an intimacy feedback loop i.e. the more intimacy you have in the bedroom, the more intimacy you will have outside of the bedroom

I was introduced to Ariana and was very nervous about contacting her – especially as all the doctors I had consulted had indicated that my problem was most likely permanent.

From my first contact with her over the phone to my eventual consultation, Ariana proved to be a very trusted and caring individual.

She clearly communicated with me and approached my condition from a position of the utmost sympathy and caring.

I was immediately put at ease and she pinpointed my problem within the first 15 minutes.

She gave me a technique to handle the anxiety and also to strengthen my erection.

And wow, does it work!

My wife and I are now enjoying a full sex life - as good as could possibly be. Our lives are again centred around a very tender, sensual and intimate relationship.

I do visit Ariana for refreshment sessions as I find this to be very useful. I certainly recommend her to anybody who is suffering from a sexual condition.


10 August 2020:

Thank you for today, I learned a lot and appreciate speaking to someone about the things that bug me. Your guidance was truly masterful. RF



05 MAY 2020:



Hi Ariana

Thank you for sharing this with me, I must admit initially I was very skeptical about this and if would even work..

I read your document and I must say it was easy to read and very easy to follow what you are saying. I started immediately, after reading your document, with finding the correct muscles and started exercising them. Initially I could only hold it for about 15 seconds. I kept on doing exactly what you say in your document and I managed to get it to mare than a minute.

Needles to say, I started doing what you say during the "work-out" and initially I could not manage to stop the climax. After a few attempts I caught on to how and what I should do. Once I mastered the technique I could stop the climax and I am able to stop and carry-on again for four times before I climax. During all of this I never lost stiffness. I can't wait to get the rest of your techniques, if it is half as effective as the first one, I will be a STUD!!!!

Thank you very much for helping.

April 2022 WhatsApp received from RvdM:



I received the following e-mail from Fuzzy last night: Once again proof that a bit of knowledge and training makes the world of difference...


APRIL 2020

Good Evening Ariana

I once again have to write and tell you about my improvements.
I came to see you at the end of December/ beginning of January.
As a single guy and since a young age I have suffered from PE. Not even lasting a minute, very embarassing!
When I came to see you, the week after I was able to hold out for at least 3 minutes. Not long but already an improvement. This was obviously after having implemented your training techniques.
So fast forward to the middle of March, I was able to meet a friend of mine who I hadnt seen for 5 years.

She and I had some lovely adult fun.  I havent had sex for quite some time, The first time I lasted about 4 minutes but each round after that I lasted over 20 minutes. This was over 2 days.
I am therefore eternally grateful to you Ariana, as without your help and your training methods, this would never have been possible. I am able to confide in you as well, especially when I had to ask questions or tell you about my improvements. 
I felt so comfortable and at ease with you as you led me to believe and now finally I am able to hold out much longer. I believe you have cured me of my PE!
Eternally grateful!
Thank you so much!  Fuzzy


Good Evening Ariana.
I'm so glad and am forever grateful for having visited you for an appointment. Never would I have thought that there is a solution for my PE problem. I've always felt so depressed and inadequate as I never lasted more than 30 seconds to a minute. The day I had my appointment I lasted 3 times longer, yes it may not seem much longer but to me it opened my eyes to what is possible am sure that in time I will last a lot longer using the guidance shown to me. I am forever grateful to you. Thank you once again. Kind regards, Fuzzy

I first saw Fuzzy 27 Dec 2019.

I received the above email 2 Jan.

The next communication was via What's App 6 Jan and Fuzzy managed to hold on to his ejaculation for 5 minutes - a full 4 minutes and 30 seconds longer than he had been capable of 27 December 11 days after his first appointment! 

What a great achievement and an inspiration to those who would like to make the decision to  beat premature ejaculation once and for all... 


14 Oct 2019: Hi Wonder lady.... I am in a multi orgasmic world... What a feeling... Thanks to you... 

I saw M for the first time on 8 July 2019.

He said he was struggling with performance anxiety about not being able to maintain

erection and wanted to improve his overall performance.

I received the above What's  App from him 14 October.

In little more than 3 months he has upped his game and is reaping the benefits of training to

control his ejaculation and is now experiencing the the wonders of Male Multiple Orgasm...

2019-09-25: I met Ariana for the first time. She is a friendly woman, very skilled and knowledgeable. I had an awesome neck and shoulders massage. She also trained me on my ED problem... i can really recommend her. She is an expert on the subject and very dedicated to her work. Awesome therapist...


2019-09-22: Ons die naweek twee keer sex gehad en altwee kere 10 min plus.
2019-09-18: Will net se dankie vir vandag, dankie vir jou profesionele hulp, jy het my baie geleer,was nie een ombelike ongemaklike nie, so skaam soos ek is, baie dankie.

I saw Vian for the first time on WED 18 Sept. His complaint was that he ejaculates too quickly.

He knew the exercise technique, but did not quite know how to do it properly.

I gave him a refresher course and the two other techniques.

SUN 22 Sept, I was quite surprised to get a What's App from him saying he had sex twice Saturday

night and both times held on for 10 minutes plus. 

Goes to show once again: One appointment, a bit of training on his behalf and  EXCELLENT RESULTS!



2017-10-11: Ariana is very well recommended. She has a profound knowledge of a male´s body and is capable of giving advice in areas that we as male´s can make good use of. She is friendly, warm and puts one at ease from the very beginning. She´s uncomparable as her work differs totaly from what we normaly can expect from masseuses.

2017-08-10: My massage with therapist Ariana was exceptional. She understands the male body and really took her time to give me the ultimate experience. By far the most caring and knowledgeable therapist I have ever been to. A must!

S.M. Jul 2017 I travel 200 00km across the globe every year and I have NEVER come across another person who does what Ariana does. She knows exactly what she is doing and does to perfection.
I have been trying to find out how to have multiple orgasms for years, doing Kegels, using cock rings and edging. Ariana had it worked out and with the breathing technique, I reached the long anticipated multiple orgasm. Thank you.

AXEL.F  2015 - 2016   2015-09-07 22:12:49
After suffering with premature ejaculation for many years and later erectile dysfunction, I decided to do something about it. I was so lucky to have stumbled across Ariana's profile. I emailed her for an appointment and set of to see her. She is so professional and thorough while teaching her techniques. I'm glad to report that I now experience rock hard erections and I'm still working on the premature ejaculation. Guys believe me, Ariana knows her stuff. If you suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, don't hesitate, give Ariana a call. You will be pleasantly surprised.

I only ever had one appointment with Axel F. His first and exact words were: "My cock is dead! I ejaculate before I even get hard!" It took him EIGHT MONTHS to train himself to hold on for 17 minutes. Three hree month after he started he sent me an email saying he felt a bit stuck. I asked him to describe in detail what he was doing and discovered he was had forgotten the most powerful of the techniques.  Once he remembered the he was on his way and did it all by himself."  

2016-11-16 23:02:24

Guys, if u think Ariana babbles too much and talks nonsense, then I suggest u find other ladies. Ariana is a true professional.

listened carefully to her instructions and practised hard on the techniques she showed me, n I reaped d rewards.

After practising for a while, I eventually put my training into action.I masturbated, n whn I was about to ejaculate, I did xactly wat she told me, n boy did I experience something new

I had a few small eruptions but carried on masturbating n then came d BIG one. NEVER experienced something like that b4.

if u having erectile problems, then don't hesitate, call Ariana TODAY.

PS- forget touching her and trying to get into her panties. just listen to wat she got to say and practice it and u will be happy with the results, GUARANTEED.

Carl 2015-06-09 13:33:31

I saw Ariana advertise a pro bono to help with PE so decided to go pay her a visit.We communicated via sms 1st as I was to shy to come upfront with it and then when I felt comfortable and had time went to see her yesterday. She sat me down and asked about all the nitty gritty questions which made me feel comfortable before session started. She explained how the whole session works and how she is gonna teach me to controll it.

Anyways after a while of session eventually had an orgasim that was nothing like ive ever experienced before. She taught me some technics that im gonna go work on and im gonna definitely go back.


C.R 2013-07-29 08:27:59

You gentlemen really should try Masseuse Ariana. To describe the experience, the sentence "and now for something completely different"comes to mind. Wow, she manages to give an out of body experience.

She is VERY good at what she does. Also runs the Coxology profile to give you an idea of her quirky personality.

This is not a regular rub and tug service. She is a.. How should I put it.. She is a relief coach. The different sensations experienced will take your expectations to a new level.

I.F 2013-07.29 16:46:50

thanks to the gorgeous Ariana for my pro-bono which gave my boner a real workout!!

The session was interesting indeed as she has a few specialities. She worked on my staying

power and kept me up and going for good on 45' and finished me off with a toe curling orgasm.

If you want FH this is not the lady or the place.

But if you want extended orgasms and learn to last longer this is your lady.

ps for a mature lady she is quite sexy and had a naughty and intelligent sense of humor.