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How Precious Is The Prostate? Nutty Facts.

The size of the prostate gland is always compared to a walnut.

So - what is the shape and size of a walnut?

Let's compare a few precious few nuts to remind you how precious your prostate is:

The Coco De Mer Or Coconut

Of The Sea

This is world's largest nut.

It can weigh up to 42Kgs.

The seeds alone can be 17kgs.

Size up to half a meter in diameter.

Takes 6 -10 years to mature.

Each nut is numbered and tracked.

Price: £170 - £200 for one of the

two halves.

The Walnut

Medium Sized Nut

Walnuts date back to 7000 BC and the oldest tree food known to man.

Width: 30 -38mm.

Length: 37 - 43mm.

The thickest walnut tree trunk at 9.05m was measured in 2008 in Spain.

Price: $14.50 / 500gsm

Pine Nuts: The World's Tinniest Nuts

Diameter: 6mm

Length: 8 - 10mm

There are only 20 species of pine trees that bare edible pine nuts.

Trees take 15 -25 years to mature and up to 70 years to reach top production.

Harvested by hand from dried out pine cones.

Price $24 / 500gsm

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