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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

how  fat  impacts  sexual  performance

I've been wanting to write about what I have noticed about the fat factor and how it impacts sexual performance for a long time, so here goes…

The reality is the effect of fat is so damaging it would be almost a criminal act not to share this information.

Fat And Penis Size

One of the most compelling reasons to watch your weight is the size of your penis is in direct proportion to the amount of fat that piles up.

Men get adipose deposits first and foremost around the belly area.

The next layer starts just below the belly and incorporates the top of the legs and crotch area.

The fat envelopes the penis and it becomes smaller and smaller until eventually the sex organ virtually resembles a piece of old chewing gum spat out in dry grass!

Not only does it look minute; it is also extremely difficult to get a grip on the actual penis as it is too embedded in fat.

If that diabolic vision is not reason enough to watch weight then consider the next following.

Fat And Sexual Performance

Fat also clogs the arteries, in order to achieve an erection; blood passes through veins and arteries. if the veins are clogged up with fat it makes a huge difference to

Fat And Dead Weight Boring Sex

Heart function and in turn agility is also considerably affected. Instead of being able to move around - fat weighs down the entire body - so the positions for sex become limited and you will find yourself limited to lying on your back or side and your participation will be half hearted to say the very least.

Fat And Sexual Stimulation

Fat gathering around male and female genital areas also envelope the nerve ending and lessen the breath-taking pleasure of stimulation.

Fat And Sex Appeal

The last, yet one of the most important issues with being over weight is when a person is over weight they do not really love how they look and it makes a vast difference to how they behave. it is difficult for a person with a poor self image to be able to expose their body to another person let alone put that body up for inspection and criticism making sex awkward and unsatisfactory.

Case Study

Phil complained about his wife who was no longer interested in having sex with him. He said he absolutely loves and adores her, but she point blank refuses.

I quizzed him about exactly what goes on and he told me she was a ballet dancer before they got married. They had two children and with the birth of each child his wife added an extra 10kgs and she has a complex she refuses to even be naked in front of him and sex is completely out of the question.


Think before you snack as every year you age it becomes more difficult to shed the weight until eventually it is easier to just say: "What the heck..." and the war is lost!

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