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Edging For Prolonged Orgasm

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Edging - The Adrenalin Rush
Edging - The Adrenalin Rush

Confusion reigns about edging for prolonged orgasm. Here are a few examples:

The first and most likely the clumsiest definition from

The Urban Dictionary:

"Getting seconds away from climax and then stopping and waiting a few seconds, then starting again, do this a few more times then you meant to have an amazing long climax and you feel great."

On Wikipedia there is a lot more to be said about Edging:

This very vague article from Men's Health:

And these words of eternal wisdom from Cosmopolitan:

Vague and Vacant

The Problem with these quotes is that they are pretty low on how to actually edge.

They say edge and you will have long / extended / prolonged orgasms.

Yet there is not one article that explains exactly how to Edge.

A few years ago when I looked on Wikipedia there was a good description of exactly what Edging is - but someone has gone and edited it and now it is merely another generic article that says very little about actual Edging.

Nine Top Questions About Edging

1. How do I stop early ejaculation?

2. How can I last longer in bed?

3. What is Edging?

4. Does Edging help?

5. Is Edging dangerous?

6. Can Edging help me control ejaculation?

7. Does Edging cause Retrograde Ejaculation?

8. What is Retrograde Ejaculation

9. Is Retrograde Ejaculation dangerous?

The Answers:

3. Edging is manually blocking the urethra to prevent semen from passing into the penis.

4. Yes - it does as when you practice Edging you become better at controlling

premature ejaculation, building up stamina.

5. No.

6. Yes edging can help as it is one of the techniques for behavioral therapy to help control ejaculation. and Male Multiple Orgasm.

7. Yes - If you apply too much pressure you may experience retrograde ejaculation or

"dry orgasm".

8. Retrograde ejaculation is when the semen is not expelled via the penis but rather reverts back up the urethra and passes through the prostate and into the bladder.

The semen will be expelled the next time you ejaculate.

9. Since the bladder, urine and even a woman's vagina (where the semen is headed to) are all quite acidic and semen is alkaline - constantly mixing the two is not the best idea and may cause problems if you habitually lose the semen into the bladder rather than via the penis.

© Ariana Robson 2019

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