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Premature Ejaculation

Machine gun quick as premature ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation - Shoots in under 2 minutes

What is Premature Ejaculation?

A few days ago I Google searched premature ejaculation and the results returned were mostly for tablets, creams and other quick fixes for a quick problem. I specialize in behavior therapy for treating acquired and habitual premature ejaculation. But let us first examine: What exactly is premature ejaculation?

What is Normal?

Firstly what is normal? Research shows that the average time for a man to ejaculate while having vaginal sex is SEVEN minutes from penetration.

Taking personal experience and gossip among girlfriends into account - I think;

seven minutes can safely be taken as an average barometer. However, mainstream media, anecdotes, myth and an over abundance - or rather the never ending barrage of porn all urge men to last longer at all costs.

So then what is the actual answer to the question: What is defined as premature ejaculation? The truth is any ejaculation that occurs in under two minutes is considered to be sever premature ejaculation. Once again taking female opinion into account; most women, once they achieved their own orgasm via clitoral stimulation would be quite happy with anywhere between five to nine minutes.

The good news is that acquired and Habitual PE can be treated: All it takes is an understanding of what is causing your problem, a bit of effort and for you to make the decision that you will learn to control your ejaculation – But what sort of PE do you have?

A Water fountain to symbolise premature ejaculation.
Premaure Ejaculation: Acquired & Habitual? Or Congenital?



Congenital PE is caused by hormone deficiency, chemical imbalance, neurotransmitter abnormalities and prostate . These conditions can be treated with drugs like Dapoxetine which is an antidepressant and a short acting serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. The best person to consult would be a Urologist.

Medical PE can be caused by infection of the prostate or urethra. These conditions are treated with antibiotics the best person to consult would be your GP, who may even prescribe antibiotics.


This type is the more common type of PE – luckily; since it is a habit, habits can be “un-learnt”! Habitual PE usually has an onset in teenage years when boys start to experiment with their sex organs and masturbation is a big part of the experiment. However, they mostly masturbate on the sly and so do it as quickly as they can in the shower or the shed. Sadly they are also hounded at home to: “Not take forever in the bathroom!” Thus, unknowingly and in complete innocence they establish a hard to break – if left untreated – life long habit.

My field of expertise is demonstrating how you can learn ejaculation control and solve you PE naturally and for good. There are THREE techniques: The first two are natural, powerful, yet simple ways to control ejaculation while having sex. The last is the manual technique called “edging” that is used to block ejaculation when for practicing Male Multiple Orgasm.

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