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The Great Penis Enlargement Scam

The Great Penis Enlargement Scam
The Great Penis Enlargement Scam

Every day I see many posters at the side of the road advertising Penis Enlargement. A Google search will result in every cream pump and pill one could possibly imagine. Do penis enlargement cures, remedies and snake oils work or are nothing but money making rackets and scams?

Penis vs Breast

If one has half a brain - it is easy to figure it out by drawing a simple comparison between a man's penis and a woman's breast.


Should a woman be born with small breasts there are four ways for her to make sure her breasts get bigger:

1. Eat, eat, eat and put on many kilograms of weight and watch the breasts become fat and big. However the rest of her body will also be huge - so not a good solution.

2. Take a bunch of Kleenex and stuff them in her bra good for appearances but a flop when naked.

3. A padded bra; great for confidence building but such a disappointment au naturel.

4. The only solution; visit the plastic surgeon and get a boob job!

The Penis

Mens' penises are pretty much the same as breasts:

What you are born with is what you are going to have to put up with as there is NOTHING except surgery that is going to make a small penis large.

Another interesting phenomenon I have noticed is men who are over weight have their testicles and penis enveloped by fat and eventually there is not enough of the penis left to even get a grip on/of. Not a good indicator of any kind of viable sex life.

Case Study:

I had a man telling me last week that he is into jelqing and did I know what it was. I asked him to what end? He replied to make his penis bigger!
I have had in depth lessons on micro penises from Oliver, a man who was diagnosed at birth as having nothing more than a bean for a penis. He has tried everything and is even enrolled in a European University's programme for men with micro penises. No pump, pill, cream, oil, exercise including stretching and jelqing have made one bit of difference to the size of his penis!

Micro l Medium l Massive

In 2015 King's College in a joint project with the NHS conducted research of 15500 men. The measuring of the penises where done by doctors and not by surveys completed by the men themselves as those results could be - questionable.

The average length is 13 cm
5% were longer than 15 cm
Only 0.14 were defined as micro penises (less than 6 cm)


According to Dr Anand Patel and Francis Tilley Director Of Androfill Clinic

Penoplasty; penis enhancement operations where not very effective and may have severe risks including penile deformity, erectile dysfunction and can even shorten the penis.

Most men are also not very satisfied with the end result.


There is nothing guaranteed that can make a small penis bigger.

The best solution I can offer is to make the best of what you have:

Train your sex organ to get the most stamina and excellent sexual performance.

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Image: Coutesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

© Ariana Robson 2019

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