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Orgasm After Prostatectomy

Orgasm after Prostatectomy
Orgasm After Prostatectomy

Men are mostly unaware that after removal of the prostate, they will not be able to ejaculate; it is only then that orgasm after prostatectomy becomes a huge issue. I have worked with a man who told me he did not even tell his wife that he can no longer ejaculate after he had his prostate removed. The poor woman then got it into her head that she could no longer satisfy her husband and it eventually led to the breakdown of the marriage.


Last week, Kris called me and told me after his prostatectomy he is not only not ejaculating but he his orgasms are very weak and he becoming quite disinterested in sexual activity. I taught him correct way to apply the auto erotic breathing technique and he had two near orgasm and one final intense orgasm - despite there being no ejaculation.

The post about Orgasm vs Ejaculation describes the difference between orgasm that is the second last phase and ejaculation is the final stage in the male cycle of arousal.

The prostate plays an integral part of ejaculation and when the prostate has to be removed - ejaculations are no longer possible. Orgasm, however is still possible as the testicles are intact and testosterone; which is the hormone that makes orgasm possible, is still being manufactured.

In Two Nutshells:

Do not give up hope if you have had your prostate removed, even though ejaculations are no longer possible, you can still experience intense orgasms

© Ariana Robson.

July 2019

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