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Male Multiple Orgasm: Myth Or Mastery

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

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Training For Male Multiple Orgasm

The vast majority of men are unaware that male multiple orgasm is even a thing. The popular belief is only women are capable of having more than one orgasm during the same sexual encounter.


The male cycle of arousal is as follows





The re-group or plateau phase is the time it takes a man to get erect again after ejaculation. I would like to add here; there is no way to predict how long that time may be. Some men – I do not want to use the “recover” as it gives the impression that he was unwell, I would rather say re-group; It takes some men 20 minutes to re-group, while others take a few hours and some even a day or two. The issue clouding and promoting the myth that men are incapable of multiple orgasms is most likely the notion that orgasm and ejaculation are the same event.

hand scribbling sex education 101
Sex Education 101


I have no idea what they teach in schools today, however, when I was in Biology class we learnt a great deal about the reproductive system and the sperm that fertilize the ovum, the sperm just appeared then swam to reach the ovum, then the foetus formed during a painstakingly long process. Finally the foetus is a baby by natural child birth. No word about the foetus forced out through the vagina during harrowing hours of labour, that may or may not include the use of forceps to yank the head out in what seems like a horror story worthy of Stephen King himself. There was no information except a few crude line drawings that dealt fleetingly with the sex organs. No wonder then, when young men and women leave school they really know nothing. Perhaps these diabolic Biology lessons are to blame for the outlandish teenage pregnancy numbers in this country. The youngsters are just so ignorant and what they learn in school and in their homes are not arming them with real knowledge. I hazard a guess that kids are misinformed in direct proportion to how squeamish and prudish their parents and teachers are. Sadly, ordinary South Africans are stuck in dungeons of sexual naivety, guilt and oblivion. But, I am off the subject. I will cover anatomy in another dedicated post.


1. Orgasm and Ejaculation are not the same event.

2. Testosterone is responsible for your orgasm.

3. Testosterone is manufactured the testicles.

4. Testosterone is a chemical.

5. Chemicals travel in your bloodstream.

6. Your Hypothalamus and Pituitary glands are responsible for your orgasm.

7. Ejaculation is merely the sperm leaving your body.

8. If you have your prostate removed, you will no longer be able to ejaculate.

9. You can still have an orgasm after your prostate has been removed.

10. To achieve multiple orgasm you have to control ejaculation.


“Male Multiple Orgasm is like a good music system – something you see in magazines and which other people have!” Unknown.



In order for a man to reach multiple orgasm he needs to learn control and timing. I have not yet found a man who can have multiple orgasms while having sex as once again it takes control and timing. However, the men who are able to learn control and timing will not only be able to reach the ultimate multiple orgasms but the techniques used naturally improve sexual stamina and performance.

The Extreme Explosion Of Male Multiple Orgasm

I. I used to think that there were certain physical criteria for a man to reach multiple orgasms but one of my criteria where neatly shattered the other day when a rather overweight man managed to have an orgasm followed by a final orgasm and ejaculation. It was a shocker – as It made me re-think my mind set of fat being a stumbling block to achieving multiple orgasm. I will delve into “The Fat Factor” in another post

2. The second criteria for achieving multiple orgasm is a when a man for some reason takes a long time to reach his first point of orgasm. I worked with a man who was taking steroids, the steroids caused him to take up to two hours to reach his first point of orgasm. Men who start out with Premature Ejaculation are more likely to achieve Male Multiple Orgasm.

3. Another problem is the long term use use of anti-depressant medication or steroid based chronic medication as these medicines can also cause ejaculation to be over-delayed.

4. Prolonged stimulation is required to achieve multiple orgasm.

For example; I have a client who has three to four full body orgasms before final orgasm and ejaculation, his appointments range between 90 minutes and two hours. The stimulation is not continuous, as short breaks are required, I estimate 80% percent of the time is devoted to stimulation, with the first point reached within the first 20 minutes. Under circumstances where the first point of orgasm is only reached within say 30 – 40 minutes, sensitivity will become a negative factor.


Once a man learns to control his ejaculation, there is no end to the number of orgasms he may have before final orgasm and ejaculation. The secret is exercise and practice, exercise and practice. Men who are interested in experiencing multiple orgasms should first and foremost wrap their heads around the fact of orgasm and ejaculation not being the same event. After that “Aha moment” they can move on to the next step which is deciding to learn ejaculation control to experience this incredible phenomenon.

Case Study

When ever I decide to tell a man's story I wonder whether I should or should not use his name, then decide it would be in breach of my promise of confidentiality - so I will call this man Mr J. I first saw Mr J Nov 2017 an hour apt: (30 min massage and 30 min demonstration of the techniques for Male Multiple Orgasm.)

I left Somerset West and only saw him again Dec 2018. The appointment was basically a refresher course as he had stopped with training.

1 Feb 2019 Mr J could maintain his erection for 40 minutes and had one full orgasm before final orgasm and ejaculation.

Mar 27 2019: Mr J maintained erection for 55 minutes and experienced 2 orgasms before final orgasm and ejaculation

I am inclined to discard the 2017 appointment as he did not really start applying all the techniques till after the appointment of Dec 2018. However he said his orgasms had been much intense with just the breathing technique and so decided he would train using all three techniques and finally had his "Aha moment"!

The "Aha moment" is when a man can control his ejaculation and experience the wonder of having an orgasm without ejaculating and then another orgasm with ejaculation. As time passes he will be able to reach 4 -5 orgasms and only then ejaculate and finally be completely in control of his sexual performance.

Well done Mr J - It is people like you who make reaffirms the passion I have for my work!

I know you are going to read this post :>

Kindly visit the Appointments page if you would like to make an appointment.

This article was published in 2013 on my first website "Ultimate Orgasms" and updated many times since.

© Ariana Robson 2013

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