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An overview of the different treatments I specialize in. Look through and see what applies to you and what you may be interested in. Please do not hesitate to call or What's App me regarding a particular issue. These are Therapeutic Appointments and ca be 60 - 75 minutes long.

Premature Ejaculation (PE)


The most common PE is "Habitual"; caused by boys masturbating too quickly when they first discover the wonders of masturbation.

It is a habit and HABITS CAN BE BROKEN!

In order to break a habit you need to repeatedly practice a new habit. I show you the three techniques for training in order to learn the habit of lasting longer.


 1. If you have been quick most   your life it is habitual PE and   it can be treated FOR GOOD!

2. Pills and creams are not a     solution as they leave you   worse off in the long run. 

3. One Out forty men struggle

  with PE, so you are not alone.

Erectile Issues (ED)

There are several causes of ED. In order to solve your problem the first step is to figure out what is causing it.

Kindly take the quiz on the ED Quiz page.

Now imagine for me that your sex organ is more like a hand or a foot and not merely an organ of you body like your liver, bladder or brain.

Think for a moment about how much you use your arm and leg muscles to be able to use your hands or walk.

Compare that with how much time you spend training and toning the muscles your sex organ rests upon?

Now answer the questions:
Why am I struggling to get erect?
Why can I get erect - but not stay erect?
Do I need help?

Male Multiple Orgasm

The ability to experience multiple orgasms is not only confined to females. Men are simply unaware they are capable of experiencing the incredibly phenomenon.

In 2 Nut Shells

Some call it Tantric or Lingham. In practice it boils down to "The Science Of Male Multiple Orgasm."

I show my clients 3 precise, simple, yet powerful techniques, which when used together deliver the holy grail of male multiple orgasm. 

I have clients who have learnt how to achieve this mind blowing experience including up to 5 full body orgasms before ejaculation. Not by accident. Rather through training.

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