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The Prostate: No 1 Killer Gland

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Elephant in the Underpants

The Elephant in the Underpants: The Prostate Gland

There are many things men simply refuse to talk about and the number one killer gland - the prostate - is most certainly unspeakable.

Such a tiny little gland, yet it can bring a giant man to knees and even kill him in a very short space of time.

I have only ONE MISSION with this post and that is to scare and shock you into going for a PROSTATE EXAM!

some men would rather die than talk about their sex organ

Some Men Would Rather Die Than Talk About Their Sex Organ

THREE Reasons why YOU should go for A Prostate Exam.

(Sooner Rather Than - Too Late)


If your prostate has to be removed YOU will NEVER ejaculate again!

Men are mostly so shocked when I tell them this simple little fact., yet in my mind it would be the most compelling reason to make sure you look after your prostate like the gem it actually is.

Imagine for one minute how your life would change if you were incapable of ejaculation?


The Killer Gland

Left untreated; cancer of the prostate, tumours or an over-enlarged prostate can most certainly kill you - very quickly!

I think the prostate may be one of the smallest glands in your body.

A very small amount of dynamite can create a huge blast and hole so you are most unlikely to play with it so - why would you play around with your prostate?


Early detection can save your life!

If the first two reasons are not compelling enough; then perhaps it would help if you think about dying because you point blank refuse to even think about a simple medical exam.

Is a gland the size of a walnut worth it?

To run away from trouble is a form of cowardice, while it is true that a suicidal braves death, he does it not for some noble object - but to escape some ill.. Aristotle.

When To Run - NOT WALK - To Your Doctor

Since the prostate is directly below the bladder the first clue a man gets that his prostate is getting over enlarged is a difference in normal urination patterns

5 Quick Clues Your Prostate Is Enlarging:

When urinating:

Urine gushes out with great force like a fire hydrant.

The stream is weak.

You have to stand for a long time as it kind of keeps on dribbling.

You stop and start like a car running out of petrol.

You sleep like a baby: Sleep; wake up and pee, sleep; wake and pee…

Other Indications of Sever Medical Problems

A burning sensation when you urinate.

Blood in the urine.

Blood in the ejaculate.

Blood in the faeces.

Hormone Imbalances, Genetics and the Great Iodine Debate.

Lately there have been quite a few articles about the links between hypothyroidism and benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate to you and me. It seems the general consensus is that an overactive thyroid can contribute to an enlarged prostate.

We have already established that the prostate grows quite a bit during puberty then goes into a kind of slumbering hibernation and starts growing again between 30 and 40. So if men lived to the age of 200 they would most likely die of an enlarged prostate.